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Our Projects.  

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Our projects originated with the sole intent 2 help financially with facilitating thousands of Veterans whose lives have been devastated due to injuries sustained as a result from fighting the never-ending war against terrorism. We also facilitate our troops who are serving and their immediate family members meaning spouse and biological or adoptive children living in the household who are in need.

Project 1. Housing

The Campaign! One Dollar can make a difference. It's all about giving back to the honorable men and women who served in the past and present. The mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, aunts, uncles, cousins who made the conscious decision to sacrifice their lives for US.

2 Help The Vets  welcomes the oppotunity to assist with housing or rent for service members who have become displaced, homeless or behind with their rent and facing eviction.Let us help you in any way that we can.

Project 2. Clothing

Many of our service members are really struggling daily with the basic necessities of life. It's unbelievable and totally unacceptable. We can help make life a little easier for these families in need.

2 Help The Vets  will be there to ease the burdens of supply and demand. Let us help with new clothing for school, prom or special events while your loved one's are away serving actively and for those who are unable to work and provide for their families due to disabilities whether it's mental or physical. We really want to help.​

Project 3. Trips And Furniture

Some of our service members are living under constant financial hardship. A family vacation or new furniture is totally out of the question. This in itself can cause stress which can lead to emotional, mental and physical unrest within the household. All of these factors can attribute to isolation, domestic violence and suicide. Everyone needs a break sometime so let's give our heroes the support they truly deserve.

2 Help The Vets would like to alleviate some of these problems.  We would love to sponsor a vacation or buy some new furniture. We must help our service members create beautiful memories that will last for the remainder of their  lifetime. Click here ​2Help​

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