W​elcome to 2helpthevets.com $1 can make a difference. Join the campaign. We are​ dedicated to helping injured troops, veterans and their families financially. Th​e brave men and women ​who unselfishly donate their lives to protect You and I. Now some of these selfless men and women are faced with the harsh reality of living life without their limbs, (amputees) disfigured faces and burned body parts. Some of these heroes have facial injuries so traumatic that they are no longer recognizable.​ "BE All THAT YOU CAN BE" right now donate just $1                                                or  purchase a tax deductible token of appreciation                                              gift to display your support and receive your 



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​T-shirt today and wear it or display it proudly to show your appreciation and support for all of our fallen heroes, wounded troops ,  veterans and active duty service members on any day of the week but especially on the following upcoming recognized holidays such as: Veterans Day, Memorial Day and Independence Day (July 4) Click Here 2Help  and receive a tax deductible token of appreciation gift  or to donate just $1



Donations are tax deductible. Thank you for your love and support.

Our mission with your help is to provide all of our service men and women with the most comfortable way of life possible while they are serving

and when they return home. Our goal is to render financial support to the following services: housing as well as help with evictions, counseling, caregiver and or home attendant, cleaning  (for the disabled) food ,clothing, household goods, trips, furniture, job training, job placement and entertainment. Whatever they are in need of. Any human being who is courageous enough to give their life for another deserves the very best quality of life. We believe it's the least  that you and I can do to say "thanks I appreciate you and the sacrifice you made for me." Our dream is that every one enjoying the american dream will have a heart to make a tax deductible donation 2helpthe​vets. Our prayer is that every vet will live out their remaining years of life at ease. Click here 2Help.

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Fact: Thousands of vets are homeless left out in the cold. This is totally unacceptable and  Un-American.​

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Fact: Thousands of vets are unable to provide for their families.

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Fact: Thousands of service members and disabled vets are in need of our help!

2 Help The Vets would like to say Thank You to our Sponsors at Red Dragon Noel Casimiro, Art Casamiro & the entire Red Dragon Team. Thank You for making our dream to help injured troops, veterans a reality at the 

           April 2014" Las Vegas Foodie Fest"

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